Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One Saturday Evening..

Unable to finish the curry packet sent over from mum, decided to share it with friend. So off we went to buy ingredients for the cooking adventure. Chicken meats, potatos, garlic, onions, rice, garlic - all checked. We didnt actually make a list of what we want to buy. As we got home, we realised cooking oil was missed.

My friend immediately called a friend of his to buy a bottle of oil who was on his way. Thats right, my friend invited his friend for the session. Not just one, but 3! Not meant to exagrate, I have never cooked for my friend. Let alone his friends whom are total stranger to me.

Cooking huge portion at a time is tough. I had to keep tasting the food to make sure the taste was reasonable.

Fried egg with onions, curry chicken, and chicken rice all single-handedly prepared by me. My friend helped slicing cucumber.

See even my friend gave a thumbs up. Ok. Not lah. That was taken before the meal started.

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