Thursday, September 1, 2016

Becoming Uber driver - Ignition stage

Partnering with Uber is almost similar to partnering with Amway. You be your own boss and you determine when you want to work. The difference is, as a Uber driver, if you don't work, you don't earn because you are self employed.

Other things is the startup cost.
Before you even starting earning, you need to spend quite an amount of money.
When you first sign up to be Uber driver, you will be invited to the first session called 'Ignition Session' where you will be informed of the requirements to become Private Hire driver in London. The aim of the session is to find out how to get a PCO license which is a private hire driver license.
Three main things to obtain in order to apply for PCO licence.
1. Topographical test. No fee for this and the test can be taken during the Ignition session.
2. Medical checkup. The cost of this varies from £39 or more. Depends on which GP you go to.
3. DBS/CRB check. This will cost £62 and can be applied during Ignition session.

Once you have completed those three, you can submit PCO application and that will cost £250.

That's not all the cost you have to pay to become Uber driver. Another cost that will incur are insurance as a private hire driver, private hire vehicle license (this is not the same as private hire driver license), MOT certificate (if applicable). And last but not least, you need to have a car that meets Uber vehicle requirement. You are allowed to rent a car if you want to as long as it meets the criteria.

After your PCO application has been approved, you will be invited by Uber to the next session called 'Onboarding Session'.

Uber is a great platform to becoming your own boss. I guess the start up cost is not as huge as opening a restaurant or your own private hire company. Uber has the system ready for you. You just download the app and drive. Everything else Uber will handle. That's kind of similar to Amway but Amway is free to join, so starting a business from break even.