Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stranded and the sight of wolfy at dusk

One weekend a while ago, I was suppose to meet up a couple of friends to join a river tour along thames river but the train I was on to reach london got stranded. To make it even worst, it stopped under a tunnel. So 30 minutes later, all lights went off because they ran on battery. All the passengers were in complete darkness except the lights from mobile phones. There was no coverage on my phone as a result I couldnt contact my friends about the incident.

Apparently the train hit something while entering the tunnel and created an enormous loud band and jolted everyone.
About 3 hours later, another train came and transfered everyone to that train. All of us were unhurt and on arrival of our destination everyone were given a full refund for the delay although the incident was clearly not their fault. Water bottles were given away too. How thoughtful they are.

As I got out from the tunnel, texts and missed calls started bombarding my phones. I called my friends immediately and told them to go tour without me. I ended up hanging around the Eye myself waiting for them to return. Guess what I saw.

"Stay away from Bella!"