Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy New Year

Neither the 01/01 new year nor Chinese New Year but its the Persian New Year. Friend of mine who is anIranian brought along some friends to a Persian restaurant for a lunch as a new year celebration. It was a buffet lunch and cost only 7pounds.

There is a seven 'S' (in Persian alphabet) table setting which is a tradition to this celebration but on this table, there were more than seven.
consist of apple, vinegar, garlic, mirror, dried fruit called senjed, lit candles, sweet pudding called samanu, an egg, a type of plant which I dont know. Each of them symbolize as my friend explained in the same order, beauty and health, age, medicine, cleanliness, love, enlightenment, affluence, fertility, rebirth, life within life.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Neuschwanstein castle

After the oktoberfest, I drove on my hired luxury car for 3hours crossing Austria border and stay a night at Pension Posthansl in Heiterwang. I had trouble finding the place because it was already dark on arrival . It was a good call to stay there because the room itself was luxurious for a price of a budget room and you can tell from the picture what it was surrounded by. In the morning, they served buffet breakfast.
Didn't stay long because had to visit a castle before catching a flight back to London.
Headed to McD for lunch and had McRib. I loved it but it was quite sweet to my liking.
The next destination was Neuschwanstein castle in Fussen.

Searched high and low for Rapunzel but she wasn't there.