Thursday, October 15, 2009

Things I Did in Stockholm, Sweden

Two weeks later since Manchester trip, I went to Sweden. Simply enjoyable especially in solo. Having said that planning was a pain. Better to go in pair because double room is cheaper when shared. Transportation is also cheaper when purchased in pair. Sweden is hell expensive. Here is some of my things I did.

1. Walked around, checked the buildings out and took trains in the cave. Unlike UK's underground, it really make you feel that you are entering a cave down below earth surface.

2. Fishy. Herrings fish is a must try whether in fine dining or street stall.

3. Swedish meatballs hunt. The meatballs is a mix of pork and beef. Or was it chicken? The one I tried was Ulla Winbladh.

4. Checked out the food market and ate reindeer meat. I guess I won't receive any presents from Santa this year T_T

5. Went to City Hall and enjoyed breathtaking view as well as wonderful piece of architechture.

6. Went to Swedish's Royal Palace and watched the changing of the guards ceremony. I think its not worth money to go inside.

7. Visited Vasa museum. A big war ship. Special, no?

8. Visited Icebar and ordered one of vodka drink poured on a icy glass. Go after 945pm and you get to enjoy unlimited time in the bar. Eventually some would not stand the cold and get out within 45 minutes. It's cheaper if you choose non-alcoholic drink.

Those pretty sum up my holiday. There are more to see so you have to explore yourself.

Till then. Ta!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Most beautiful sun I've seen

Managed to capture this at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5. Too bad the control tower got in the way. Anyway, that was the prettiest sun I've seen.

I went to Stockholm, hence the airport ^_^

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Safari Park

My last day in Great Manchester, visited Safari Park. This was the first ever animal park I entered to get close up with animals. It is even better than going to zoo as the animals are caged.
The monkey that eat the car's 'peanuts'. If you love your car like you love your wife, then this monkey zone is not recommended. Whenever they see a car, they will jump on it and try to break things.
This dear wont break things. It loves to lick. You are allowed to touch but not to feed.
This was the best part. You can be as close as about 5 metres to these group of lions/ness. As I was in that zone, I forgot to wind up one of the window. I might end up as their dinner that day. Of course there are rangers moving around in their jeep to look after us.
Safari park is more excited than zoo. especially when you can sit comfortably in your own vehicle, move at your own pace, stop wherever you want to take photos.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


The first night, I went to Blackpool located slightly north west of Great Manchester or north east of Liverpool.

This place is a combination of a theme park and beach park and amusement park. Sort of everything in one place.

Unfortunately I arrived only after opening hours, so nothing much was done except taking photos.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

China town

If you are going to Great Manchester, definitely must visit China town and eat.
The one I went was Tai Wu which was heavily recommended on the internet. The place was packed with Chinese.
The food was great. However I reckoned the Siu Mai was processed and frozen. Nonetheless I enjoyed and satisfied with the service. Must ask for chili oil to have it along dim sums.

Go there after noon because some of the dim sums are so much cheaper than the usual price and also other dishes.