Saturday, November 27, 2010

What a move is that?!

Today, for the first time or perhaps for a long time, I made a peculiar move in my entire life. I don’t know what made me taking such action but I do saw such situation on the movie or drama series. A friend of mine who was going to catch a flight to Malaysia that evening and I was supposed to meet her at the airport without her knowledge as a surprise. Having arrived at the airport prior to her departure time, I was anticipated and sneakily looking out for her. I thought everything was turning out as expected when I spotted her behind her back, but she was with a guy. My heart sank and immediately back off. Later, I texted her to wish her safe journey but didn’t tell her I was there, though I wish I was the last to bid her goodbye in person.

I don’t understand why I could promptly made that move and that kind of feeling inside I was having. Don’t you think this scenario should only take place in the movie? I still couldn’t believe that could occur to me. What is happening to me? Can someone enlighten me?

Early winter

It's only late November but there is already snow falling. Though I still find it beautiful, I am not looking forward or getting as excited like the first time experience. Maybe it always remind me of the downtime I had 2 years ago.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Canterburry Roadtrip

Hired a car for a roadtrip to Canterburry, covering almost the south east of england. Didnt know there were so much things to discover and explore there..
Visited vineyard for the first time and had a wine tasting.

Windmill is so common on this part of England. Perhaps because of strong winds. The winds blew the entire day when i was there, even have to walk slightly tilted front or backward.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Oishii, Xr̀xy, Sedap..

My friend's farewell dinner. This restaurant serves from chinese, malay, japanese, and thai food under one roof.
The taste transfer from raw, fresh to hot and spicy.. Nonetheless, each of them tasted so good.. I would recommend such a delightful and loads with variety restaurant.