Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My Second Wedding Reception

Two years has passed since I last posted and there were few life changing events taking place.

In Dec 2014, my sister give birth to a baby girl. So I am officially becoming uncle.

Then on 2nd January 2015, we finally tie the knot. It took place in UK
we invited our UK friends and families to our ceremony and the reception. I am grateful for those moment. I am now in Malaysia to have my second wedding reception and traditional tea ceremony. One in KL and one in Penang which means I have 3 wedding receptions!!
I have videos on youtube. Here and here

After getting married, we were getting back to biz and attempt to achieve the free incentive trip by Amway. We did it and were invited to a cruise trip to Bruges. It was great because we get to hang out together with our biz partners on the cruise.

I have been upgrading myself as part on the biz activities because my aim is to help and educate people about losing weight the right way, what exercise best for losing fat or gaining muscle. So I have taken a nutrition and clinical weight loss course and also successfully qualified as Personal Trainer. Hopefully will help assisting me to the next level. Those who want to lose fat, feel free to contact me for free consultation.
Till then..