Thursday, October 8, 2009

Safari Park

My last day in Great Manchester, visited Safari Park. This was the first ever animal park I entered to get close up with animals. It is even better than going to zoo as the animals are caged.
The monkey that eat the car's 'peanuts'. If you love your car like you love your wife, then this monkey zone is not recommended. Whenever they see a car, they will jump on it and try to break things.
This dear wont break things. It loves to lick. You are allowed to touch but not to feed.
This was the best part. You can be as close as about 5 metres to these group of lions/ness. As I was in that zone, I forgot to wind up one of the window. I might end up as their dinner that day. Of course there are rangers moving around in their jeep to look after us.
Safari park is more excited than zoo. especially when you can sit comfortably in your own vehicle, move at your own pace, stop wherever you want to take photos.

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