Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Conversation

I was having a conversation with my mum the other day. The last time I had it was a few months back.

I realised how much I missed my family. They had not been updated of my life and likewise. My sister has her own car! My grandparents is moving in with us!? Good to see things are going well with them, though there are some downs in between.

Everytime we talked, my mum would convince me to go back home and settle down there. I understand the care and me being thousand miles away from keep her worry. Unfortunately I am one who would not just stay in my comfort zone. No matter how difficult the life is in UK. Yes, its pretty hard, let alone the recession since. Well I have been through the worst this year. I think *touchwood* nothing can come even worst.

Yea, back to comfort zone. I am not going to stay comfortably in there until I get something that I would be happy to say my achievement. That will mean my mum will be nagging me for another 2 years. She cares, I know.

I told my mum about my relationship, she understood. Typically, she consoled by saying something like 'there are many girls around and soon you will find one'. Ironically, when i told her I am reaching 30 and I have no plan to look for another one. She burst into laughter and warned me not to bring home ang moh. I just giggled. That was so casual and odd. Seriously, I didnt mean to crack that joke or ended up into such conversation talking about my life partner. Perhaps it was never taken seriously by me. Oh dear, I am already in my late 20s, just turning into a grown up man.

Most importantly is, no matter how lonely I am right now, I know I got people to support me as I learnt from that conversation. Being alone in a foreign country can be very hard sometimes when family and friends are far from reach. Even advanced technology couldn't bring us so close together. The feeling would be different, yes?

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