Sunday, January 29, 2012

First time with Swarovski

My sister is getting married this March and I have to get something for her. To be honest, I have no clue about what gift a brother should buy for his sister. I searched the internet and asked some of my friends. One of them suggested Swarovski, which sounded pretty sensible to me..

So I went to its boutique in my local area, for the first time I entered the store although I have been passing it whenever I go the mall where Swarovski is located. Coincidentally, there was a sales going on and instantly one necklace caught my eye.. initially I thought it was a rabbit, but later I was told it was actually a mouse, an angel mouse in fact. I didnt buy the necklace right here and then. I left the store and went to look for something else. It was a big mistake!

30 minutes later I returned to the store and found out the angel mouse was gone! Its a shame, I should have bought it without hesitating earlier. I asked the store assistant hoping there could be one more in stock but that didnt happen. Not giving up on hope, I asked her to help me check if other branch would have it and fortunately there are 2 angel mouse necklaces at Croydon's branch.

I took the shot and headed straight to croydon by train. It was a two hour ride and I hoped the necklace would still be available when I got there. Luck was on my side that day, saw the angel mouse! Of course I learnt my mistake, I bought it immediately. Originally priced at £69, I paid just £27 for it. That is how it looks like. Hope she will like it.

Now, what should I buy for Valentine's day?

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