Monday, April 26, 2010

Encouter with wine

Last week, I was tempted to buy a bottle of wine because lots of wine were on half price. So, on that weekend, I bought one which was less than 5pounds. I knew I had to finish within 2 days because as it couldnt sustain freshness for a long time and red wine is not suppose to be kept in the fridge.
Guess what had happened, on Monday evening after work, was the last moment of 48 hours, I had half bottle to go and as I attempted to finish it, I drank too quickly and immediately I got drunk.
Straight away I went to bed early with lights and Tv switched on, however woke up around 1am and found myself not able to sleep.

There I was, blogging away and reading The Star. In 6 hours time, I will have to go to work. FML (F*ck My Liver)


  1. Ahahaha... Now OK already? :P

    But if you were drunk, you are supposed to sleep till the next day~! How come wake up in the middle of the night? :P

  2. you're good alrd, only 1. My bro have 5 bottles of wine in his uni hostel.

  3. I didn't sleep that night and went to work with zombie face. I told myself not to buy any wine unless there would be sharing. Proven I am not the wine person.