Tuesday, May 5, 2009

KL incident

Encountered another bad incident before my departure to vietnam. It was during my travel to KL to my friend's house to park the car before going to LCCT. It was around 43oam at the South LDP toll plaza, after paying the entry fee, i let the car to cruise slowly while i winded up car window. Halfway passed the barrier, i heard someone shouted 'Oi' from behind. Looked through the rear mirror, it was the lady from the toll booth. Thought that I forgot my change or something, I looked back again through my car window, then realised that there was a car followed me very close behind. It was an orange coloured MyVi driven by an Indian guy.

Despite there were walls on each side of the toll, the driver desperately tried to escape, the back of my car was hit as he drove away through the limited gap between my car and the wall. And the last thing he did before speeding off was showing his middle finger.

I wonder how many such incidents have happened previously. I am frustrated of the toll operator and relevant authority for not doing good enough to prevent people who tried to skip from paying toll. I think the operator is merely collecting money, and if motorists manage to 'exempt' themselves, then its OK. Suppose those offenders should be paying a hefty summonses and no one are let off the hook.

And for the Indian driver, if you paid RM1.60 to the toll operator, you wouldn't have to pay for the repair of your car and cause injury to other people.

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