Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am a LG

So, after months of job hunting. I got myself a new role. Lifeguard (LG) that is.
To be a LG in UK, one must have a certification. It is National Pool Lifeguarding Qualitification (NPLQ). The one I had prior to this was Award of Distinction which is totally useless in UK.

This LG job is not as pleasant as the one I used to be back in Malaysia. The role is more than just pool duty. I have to do pool setup, poolside and changing room cleaning. I have to do shift, so its not 9 to 5 routine. Sometimes, I need to be at the pool as early as 530am and off work as late as 11pm.

Anyway, for now, I am happy to have a job, though paid less. I hope to get into professional job as soon as possible, and economy.. please pick up! I dont want to waste 3 years as LG, not more than 3 months ideally.

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