Thursday, April 16, 2009

Laptop Thief incident

got a call yesterday from my friend telling me that her car was broken in, and the laptop was stolen. The incident took place at open space car park beside the Pacific Megamall Seberang Prai.

After she parked a car, there was this kid came to ask for a 'parking fee'. She did not pay.
Few hours later, when she has done her dinner, found out that the back door of the window was shattered. Obviously, upon checking UNDER THE SEAT where the laptop was kept, it was gone. Also the instant noodles she just bought were also being stolen.
She made a report, the police asked why didnt you bring the thief to the police station since she recognise the kid. The stupid policeman was yelled at by her. If she could catch him, she wouldnt need the police. So you see, if you want justice, do it by your own hands. Police is unreliable nowadays.

Something is going wrong with this country, my own country. I heard lots of break-ins and things stolen more than i did long ago. The incident I knew was all from hearsay from people I knew. One day, I will be the one being a victim. I dont seem to see anything is being actioned by the police to solve the problem. I could see almost at every intersection, there will be motorists who break red lights. What say you?

It is always greener on the other side. I dont think so. Malaysia is not that green after all. I thought I would miss my country, unfortunately, I just can't wait to go back UK. I really hope I dont have to come back here again.


  1. wow... who actually said malaysia is green? it's not green here at all... cos there is no grass here... only mud.

    how did the police react when you fren shouted at him?

  2. the police just kept quiet when being yelled at. She also yelled at the police when he said there have been cases of stolen items/car break in at that area but nothing could be done by the police.
    It is definitely a frustrating situation. Police duty done by us, the public.