Thursday, April 23, 2009

Laptop theft investigation

Following to the return from Vietnam, we moved on to pursue our investigation.
So far, have caught 2 suspects involved in the incident. Thanks to me and my friend. We have to carry out the investigation ourself. Police is totally unreliable. Of course, it was the police that caught them but we were out there to search for clue leading to the capture.

The first suspect was caught at the scene where the laptop incident happened couple days ago. We followed him the whole evening and saw him selling syabu instead He was also there to jaga parking. So we called police.

Second suspect was caught at his place around the area. We knew where he stay so we waited for his bike to appear. We spent about 4 hours. We recognised the number plate of the bike so we followed him. It took almost 30 minutes for the police to come. At least the police managed to apprehend the suspect.

You are welcome, mr.police.

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