Monday, April 14, 2014

The Return of...

I know this site has been quite for almost 2 years... obviously since joining Amway and am still doing the business until now. Most people probably would have given up within a year. I am with a group called Healthilite Beautilite (HB).
In the past, when someone introduced me to Amway, I told myself that this wont be the network marketing I would join. Anyhow anyway, I joined and never regretted.

I discovered a lot of things, learnt a lot of new information and still a lot to gain from HB. The reason why I am blogging is I hope I could share what I've learnt from HB.. blogging is one of them. I am not sure where I should start but I will try think of something.

What have I been doing since joining HB? I met a lot of people. Although I lost a few contacts because of what I am doing for my own future, but I meet a lot of new people. honest and caring people. I meet people from all walks of life. An owner restaurant in Chinatown, a pediatric doctor, a PHD student, an accountant and many more. Isn't it great? If you are only confined to your work life, the people you know is your colleagues and most of the time I believe is talking about work whether back stabbing or complaining so and so... most importantly I met my girlfriend and we share the goal of becoming successful in Amway business with HB. Now my sisters are joining me in HB. You see, Amway is not just about money or selling. Amway allows every member in the family to do the business together. You can find your true friendship. A genuine friend will not avoid you when you tell them you are doing Amway... lol..

So I think its worth doing the business as long as there are more to gain than to lose. I have helped many people to get healthy and beauty. Create awareness about the impact of not taking care of ourselves properly. That makes me really happy. Sometimes, I get rejection but I know rejection hurts a second but regret lasts a lifetime.

Another thing I have recently been up to is I have gotten my Indefinite to Leave visa. I have been waiting for this for 5 years! That means I can stay in UK for as long as I want.
Throughout five years, I am grateful for how it turns up today. Although first few years was hard from a miserable broke up to retrenchment but without all those happening, things could be different. I am glad it happened, so I met my now girlfriend, HB and own a property. Nobody can go back to start a new beginning again but we can make a wise decision today and make a better ending.

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