Saturday, July 14, 2012

Amway Business Owner

I learnt about Amway UK a while ago and signed up myself as a Business Owner. I have been using Amway products since young while I was still in Malaysia. I didnt see it as a business opportunity until someone introduced me to Amway UK. I thought I would give it a try since it costs nothing to sign up.

Everyone wants to run their own business but starting up conventional business tends to be difficult. Even though you managed to do it, you will be spending each night thinking on how to keep the business survive. Your income is determined by how much effort you put in but in Amway, its a growing sustainable income and you have a team to support you.

I am looking for a business partner to work with me on starting international network. It doesn't matter where you are, we can work together. Amway has given each of us a personal webpage to recruit people.

Here's mine:

If you want to get a slice of multiple bonuses from Amway, keep in touch with me and we will discuss. 

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