Friday, April 1, 2011

Someone like who?

Singlehood, it has been probably more than 2 years, the longest gap I had not been in a relationship since the first one. During those period, my life evolved around work and err.. work. The bad thing is it was not a healthy life to be in. Seriously unhealthy and it is time to keep between work and life balanced. Only if there is someone to pester and nag me to live a healthier life, otherwise i will just delay it. I have been having mcD as dinner for consecutive 5 days, simply because I am getting lazy to cook.

Thankfully though, the hard work has paid off recently that I got a salary increment a staggering 30%. The highest increment I have since started working. It was unbelievable but still a long way to where I should be at this age. I was one of the contributor to the number of unemployed people before and my aim is to get my life back on track. It was tough time and things is getting better now. Still a bit insecure because of the rising unemployment in UK, hopefully i will pull through.

Unlike in Malaysia, there are things I can't do right now, like getting a house and other kind of commitments. There are uncertainty of my future which I couldnt predict. In a year time, I will be applying for extension, after that I need to work towards getting a residency. So far, it looks pretty optimistic that I should get there. Finger tightly crossed. That could be one of the reason why i am not in a relationship. who would want to be with someone who lives in uncertainty. Sound pessimistic but no one proves me wrong. YET.

Had a short phone conversation with my mum in between working hours and realized how much I have neglected my family. I plan to go back somewhere in the summer, or perhaps on my friend's wedding if I were to be invited. otherwise I shall go back this Christmas.

I love this song


  1. single for ~2years is still ok la. at least when you get into another relationship, you know what you want. 30% increment is a lot man. Belanja me makan when u are back :P Sometimes work life balance and healthy lifestyle pretty much depends on your determination. please do a health check from time to time ok...

  2. Well, 2 years is still ok. I'm like... 9 times of your 2 years... LoL!!! Take care and don't think bother too much on that ;)

    Are you going to attend Mike's wedding? :D

  3. I didnt receive the invitation

  4. Hmmm... If I was not wrong, the one he posted in FB is the pre-invitation... LoL

  5. I think that does not guarantee a seat on the wedding day. I may not be able to go back anyway. Hopefully I wont get any invitation this year.